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Jun 20, 2012 at 08:49 PM

Help on down payments for noted items


Hello All,

I have an issue at my client place.

We are having some noted items and they are tied up with Down Payments.

Here is the scenario:

We are using milestone billing.

We are doing it in 3 steps:

1) 1st downpayment request

2) 2nd downpayment request

3) Final Invoice


When we send the first downpayment request and it is cleared after the check is posted.

Then we are sending in the second downpayment request

My client has a scenario where they do the final invoice before the customer clears the 2nd downpayment

We are facing a problem in the final invoice as 2nd downpayment is not collected and is carrying over to the final invoice.

Which in turn showing a higher value, means the second downpayment is also getting added to the final invoice.

Let me state an example for better understanding:

Let us consider for instance we have a noted item for $500

1st downpayment request - $200 - cleared

2nd downpayment request - $200 - not cleared

Final Invoice - is showing up as - $350 (insted of $150).

Altogether, customer is being sent invoices for $750 altogether.

Can somone suggest me a solution for this problem