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Jun 20, 2012 at 07:33 AM

Creating an extended monitor


Hi all,

I was wondering whether there are people who have extended the standard SXI_MONITOR with success. I know some ABAP, but I am not familiar with extending screens etc.

I have read about the "Super monitor" that adds a search to the monitor and have read how you can access the Java stack message through a web service from ABAP. However, I am interested in how to put it all together.

Creating a Z* table with all messages and polling every now and then to add more information seems like an option, but I am not sure about it. If there are people out here, willing to share some code or thoughts on the matter, feel free! Or just ideas are welcome: what are the things you need for monitoring efficiently - does CCMS do the trick?

Have a nice day!

My regards,