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Jun 19, 2012 at 07:50 PM



Hi Friends,

I have setup an SAP HANA AWS instance on Amazon. Can you help with the following:

I have HANA DB 1.0 SP04 Rev 28 and HANA Client and Stuio on SP04 (REV 27)

1. Currently the AWS instances come with the following : m2.xlarge = 17 GB HANA, m2.2xlarge = 34 GB HANA & m2.4xlarge = 68 GB HABA.

I realize there are other sizes also available . But where can I find the matrix to look for a 256 GB, 512 GB and 1024 GB HANA. Is there any matrix available like the very understandable one you provided on the top of the blog.

2. I wanted to up;load CSV file into my AWS instance. Is there any easy way to do this other than using the CTRL file method. Can I directly load using excel.

3. What is the Port Number to be used to FTP files to HANA DB Server, to upload files.

4. Currently the HANA Studio and Client in the link above are Revision 27. When is the revision 28 going to be available. The reason I was keen on revision 28 is because the file upload mechanism into HANA is very straightforward.

5. Is there any Reporting Tool available on the cloud readily, like the BO Explorer, Visual Intelligence or Predictive Analysis, that we could use to connect to the HANA AWS to perform Reporting.

6. Is ther any provision to perform SLT on AWS.

Any inputs on any of the above will be very much appreciated.

Thank You.