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Former Member
Jun 19, 2012 at 07:21 PM

Dynamic rooting (User Record) setting is not working in Nakisa OrgChart SP3


Dear All

The Dynamic rooting setting is not working in the Nakisa OrgChart SP3.

It is giving an error message - "Cannot find the root of your orgchart. The orgchart box may have been deleted or incorrectly specified, or no valid org structure can be found for the selected effective date. Please change the root of the chart or select another effective date."

We followed the same steps as given in the Admin guide of SP3 ( 109 - shown below)

In Orgchart --> General Settings:

* Select the Org chart root value source.

User Record: Retrieves the record specified in the next step from the employee data element.

*Do one of the following to define the org chart root:

If User Record was selected in the previous step, select the field containing the ID of the required organizational object in the employee data element from the User record field drop-down list. For example, if you wish to root the org chart at the org unit of the logged-in user, select the field containing the org unit ID. Hence, we have selected the Org unit ID.


  • We had enabled single sign-on with logon tickets
  • Retained the standard settings in Security Settings --> Employee Source
  • Had provided full authorization to the roles
  • If we use the "OrgChart Root" option available in 'Orgchart root value source', the org structure gets displayed correctly from the root object defined.

As this is an standard functionality, Kindly guide us in resolving the issue.