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Jun 19, 2012 at 07:29 PM

Using WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE_2 to Post a Partial Goods Receipt on a Inbound Delivery


Hi Folks,

I am trying to use WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE_2 to post a Partial PGR on an Inbound Delivery. I have seen a lot of posts and forums about this topic but none clearly say how they achieved it. I have also searched SAP Portal and debuged the code all to no avail.

In this example 1800003517 has one line of 10 bags, I have packed 5 bags and want to do the goods receipt for just those 5 bags.

Here is how I am calling the code, if someone has gotten this to work I would be more than greatful.

DATA: ls_vbkok LIKE vbkok,
lt_vbpok_tab TYPE TABLE OF vbpok,
ls_vbpok_tab TYPE vbpok,
gs_lips TYPE lips.

ls_vbkok-vbeln_vl = '1800003517'.
ls_vbkok-wabuc = 'X'.
ls_vbkok-spe_auto_gr = 'X'.
ls_vbkok-kzebu = 'X'.

ls_vbpok_tab-vbeln_vl = gs_lips-vbeln.

ls_vbpok_tab-posnr_vl = gs_lips-posnr.

ls_vbpok_tab-matnr = gs_lips-matnr.

ls_vbpok_tab-charg = gs_lips-charg.

ls_vbpok_tab-lichn = gs_lips-lichn.

ls_vbpok_tab-vfdat = gs_lips-vfdat.

Ls_vbpok_tab-lgmng = ls_vbpok_tab-lfimg = gs_lips-lfimg.
ls_vbpok_tab-umvkz = gs_lips-umvkz.
ls_vbpok_tab-umvkn = gs_lips-umvkn.
APPEND ls_vbpok_tab TO lt_vbpok_tab.

vbkok_wa = ls_vbkok
synchron = 'X'
commit = 'X'
delivery = '1800003517'
if_error_messages_send = ''
if_no_remote_chg_1 = '1'
VBPOK_TAB = lt_vbpok_tab.