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Jun 18, 2012 at 02:26 PM

Exporting syndicated records from MDM



i am working in PI. we integrationg mdm using pi with JMS systems.

our project development is support is going on.

every day nearly 100 records have been sysndicated from mdm to other application through PI.

At the end of the day i need to send the report saying that this many records passed from PI.

And i have to list down the records in xl sheet which has nearly 20 columns.

to do this i need to go sxmb_moni to get the xml and copy paste the records in xl sheet.

for one records i need to do the copy pasting for 20 times(20 columns).

is there any was to export the records from MDM which are sydicated for perticular day?

like simple example: i have 10 records which are updated today for 4 times.

in the archive folder i will be having 40 xml files once the records are picked by PI.

i want to export these 40 records into xl sheet.

please help me on this.