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Jun 18, 2012 at 09:27 AM

PI 7.31 AEX - Principal Propagation



I am trying to get principal propagation working on PI 7.31 single-stack AEX my scenario is as follows.

ThirdParty (SOAPui) -- soap with ssl -> PI -- rfc -> SAP

Everything works fine between PI and SAP where i have made a trust but not from SOAPui to PI.

Current setup which is not working:

I have added ClientCertLoginModule to component*XISOAPAdapter with the following options.

Rule1.AttributeName = CN

Rule1.getUserFrom = subjectName

i created the certificate in PI NWA Certificates and Keys and imported it in SOAPui under preferences SSL.

Tried to send the message and get below error in SOAPui:

Error: 401 Unauthorized

In the NWA log it says:

Client certificate error.IP address

Please help me out...