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Dec 30, 2016 at 03:56 AM

Partial SU Picking in Bulk Storage



We have a internal repacking process in warehouse from carton box to returnable box, and we can't avoid partial returnable box because of the vendor package quantity issue. For example qty in vendor carton box is 28, and one returnable box is only capable for 5 pc in our warehouse.

Therefore we definitly have a paritial SU with 3 PC(with largest quant and SU) in one pallet. After repacking we will place this pallet(5SU*5PC+1SU*3PC) to a bulk storage bin for picking.

Here comes the question,

For picking, let's say system recommend 6 SUs from this bin, and for picking we have to put this partial SU in the last position for picking confirmation. Otherwise one item will still keep open even we scanned all SUs in this bin during picking confirmation.