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Jun 18, 2012 at 03:43 AM

Shipment cost transfer status 'B'


Hi everyone,

I'm quite new to SAP system, and I've been assigned to handle a certain case that has to do with Shipment Cost, I've come to a halt at this point and I need some help.

To begin with my problem I'll need to briefly explain what I've been doing so far:

1. Our company's users requested that we include the calculation of Gunny Sack charges in our shipment cost document for better traceability because previously it has always been done manually. So what I've done is utilize the existing condition type in our system: ZS05. Then Finance dept told me that for our shipment cost document it's always posted to G/L Account 500000 and for Gunny Sack they'd do manually to G/L Account 500201, so my job is to make sure when I transfer the shipment cost, it'll post to two different accounts.

2. In order to post to two different accounts, I came up with the idea of creating an extra pricing procedure which has only ZS05 in it along with new item category and etc (Or is there a better workaround?). Now that I've created an extra pricing procedure, in every shipment cost document, there'll be 2 shipment cost items, one being the normal pricing procedure another being the pricing procedure that has only ZS05. Everything would be fine if only every customers requested for Gunny Sack (ZS05).

3. Problem is, not all customers require Gunny Sack, and some customers only request gunny sacks for certain materials. So in my current situation, given the case where the customer doesn't request for gunny sack, the second pricing procedure that contains ZS05 would be 0 amount, and the system won't allow user to transfer it, but able to transfer the normal account and the document will be stuck as partially transferred 'B'.

So the real question is, is there a way to change the document status to fully transferred 'C' for archiving purpose? Or is there a user exit to do this? Or should I be approaching this with another method? I'd really appreciate if anyone could suggest any possible ideas for this problem.


Thank you very much.