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Jun 16, 2012 at 05:03 PM

Fixed Asset Consolidated Report


Hello Team

I got a requirement to develop fixed asset consolidated report. I want to retrieve the data for below columns and display in output of the report.

below example is extracted for fiscal year 2012 and period 01.

Opening Balance
001/2012 Additions
001/2012 - 001/2012 Dispositions
001/2012 - 001/2012 InterCo Transfer
001/2012 - 001/2012 Transfer Close-Out
001/2012 - 001/2012 Transfers
001/2012 - 001/2012 Adjustments
001/2012 - 001/2012 Closing balance

Here i am able to get opening balance for a specific fiscal year and period. The closing balance is a calculation, this also i can get it. Now i have a logic to get values for the remaining fields like additons, dispositons, interCo transfer, Transfer Close-out, Transfers and adjustments.

Logic is as below

1. goto BSIS table and provide company code, GL document number, fiscal year, period and transaction types (ie there are different transaction types for each column).

2. Get amount in local current.

3. add all credits and debits based on indicators

4. finally i need to do debits-credits, so that i can get the final value for each field.

The same process i need to follow for all columns but the transaction types are different.

But i feel this is a TDS process, so i want to know the easiest way to find out these values for given company code, GL, fiscal year and period (ie from to TO periods).

I am new to FI module, so i request you to please check and help me by providing the solution.