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Jun 15, 2012 at 08:40 PM

Dynamic Images


Hello, I have made my transaction and configured the properties of the SVG correctly but when i try to call de transacction on HTML i do not get the correct result. I did a transaction that saved the image in a property of type string. The code in html is the next:



<TITLE>Your Title Here</TITLE>

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">

var Time;

function animateImage(){

var imagename;

imagename= "http://localhost:50000/XMII/Runner?Transaction=Prueba/Carpetaprueba/Vel&Outputparameter=OutputImage&Content-type=image/png";

document.images["Pan"].src= imagename;

Time = setTimeout("animateImage()",10000);


function clearAnimation(){






<img src="http://localhost:50000/XMII/Runner?Transaction=Prueba/Carpetaprueba/Vel&Outputparameter=OutputImage&Content-type=image/png" name= "Pan">

<button onclick="javascript:animateImage()">ejecutar</button>

<button onclick="javascript:clearAnimation()">limpiar</button>

Is there any other option to do it, for example, do the transaction and do a Xacute query. I also tried to do it this way, the transacction is correct but i don not know if the xacute query is correct or what is the form to call the xacute query in html.