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Jun 15, 2012 at 01:39 PM

View Layout Cannot Bind to Newly-Created Customer Include Field



Our table LIKP includes a customer append structure. The customer append structure contains an .INCLUDE structure to which I've added a new customer field, ZZFIELD. The included structures and table LIKP are all activated with no error. In my view's context, I have created a node, DELIVERY_HEADER, defined as using dictionary structure LIKP, and I have added a new attribute to DELIVERY_HEADER for ZZFIELD using the node's "Add Attribute from Structure" wizard.

In my view's layout, when I try to bind a UI element's value to the context attribute DELIVERY_HEADER-ZZFIELD, I receive the following error message:

Type LIKP-ZZFIELD of context element DELIVERY_HEADER.ZZFIELD in view MYVIEW does not exist.

I have tried saving and activating the entire Web Dynpro Component before attempting to bind the UI element, but I get the same error. I'm guessing there must be some other step I need to do to table LIKP so that the newly added customer field can be seen by Web Dynrpo ABAP. Any ideas?