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Jun 14, 2012 at 09:05 PM

How to set default value in CRM WebUI for BID Product list -> Quantity field



I need to set default value as '1' in Quantity field for the new item/entries in product ->edit list for BIDS in WEbUI.

Please guide me the steps/logic .I identified the bsp component 'BT130I_OPPT' and by setting breakpoint at do_handle_event,I 'was able ti track the event.

By means of F2 button,I can see product ->edit list - > new line item -> Quantity field belongs to BTSchedulin View and struct.quantity attribute.

Can someone locate me ,where exactly i should write my code logic,to display value as '1' in quantity field of line item ,whenever new entry is made in Product -> edit list of BID in CRM WeUI

Thanks in Advance and awaiting quick response.