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Jun 14, 2012 at 08:44 AM

COSS table not getting updated with value type = 04 (actual) for Process orders



Can anybody pls confirm my below conditions,

I have done a testing in

quality server for two cases,

1) Created a Process order with one resource. Maintained activity rates

in T code KP26 for the resource cost center. Did the posting.

everything was ok. COSS table got updated with value type 01 & 04.

2) created another process order with one resource. Now in KP26 I did

not maintain activity rates for resource cost center for the current

month. During posting I got a information message where it clearly said

Activity rate for Cost center ******** for activity type **** is not

mainatined. But since in OPK4N in second tab (Individual Entry General)

there is a field called Termination for incorrect actula costs which is

not active. Hence while posting I could still bypass the message &

confirm the posting. But in this case what I could see was COSS table

did not get updated with value type 04.

So could anyone let me know if I'm right at my point that If in T

code KP26 rates are not maintained & by force if Process order is

posted then COSS table never gets updated with value type 04. Or there

may be anyother reason. But honestly I dont see any other reason right

now apart from T code KP26.

Thanks & Regards,

Rohan Somji