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Jun 13, 2012 at 08:48 PM

Can grow text boxes export to Word with too much white space


There appears to be one post relevant to my issue (, but it has been marked as answered, and the answer doesn't help me. I've installed service pack 3 for Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010, so a service pack is not the solution.

Our web application uses the Crystal Report Viewer provided by the 64-bit version of Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 runtime. If a user exports a report that includes can grow text boxes to Word, the text boxes pad the last line of text with the equivalent of about 4 lines of white space:

I've checked the line spacing, and it is set to a multiple of 1. So that is not the issue. Instead somehow the frame in Word is getting set to an exact size rather than using auto height. Of course, the user can change the frame height, but that doesn't help move up all the other frames on the page!

This white space poses a significant problem for us as we are using formulas to generate text for receipts and need the text boxes to be able to grow but also lack the real estate to have so much unnecessary white space. We use several "can grow" text boxes throughout the report, and the resulting extra white space can cause our receipts to be longer than one page. We did not have this problem with the viewer provided by Crystal Reports XI R2.

We have to be able to export to Word for a variety of reasons including that our Gift Records folks need the ability to easily edit the receipts before sending them out.

I'm submitting this post in hopes that someone has found a solution or, if not, that SAP takes notice and does something to fix the issue.

Many thanks,