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Former Member
Jun 13, 2012 at 04:54 PM

In-house Cash Inbound PAYEXT idoc not generated


Dear all,

I'm currently facing an issue in In-house cash config.

When processing the F110, I expect the creation of 3 idocs

B / /0099999999 PEXR2002 PAYEXT Outbox LOOPBACK B / /0099999999 IDCREF01 EUPEXR Outbox LOOPBACK LS/ /DE0CLNT500 PEXR2002 PAYEXT Inbox SAPDE0

But only 2 idocs are created. The 3rd one ( Inbound PAYEXT ) is not generated

Here are my settings in WE20.

Partner type Partner Parameter Message type Basic type Receiver port B 99999999 Outbond PAYEXT PEXR2002 LOOPBACK B 99999999 Outbond EUPEXR IDCREF01 LOOPBACK B 99999999 Outbond DIRDEB PEXR2002 LOOPBACK LS DE0CLNT500 Inbound PAYEXT PEXR

My LOOPBACK port is pointing to the LS partner DE0CLNT500.

I also tried to change teh basic type to PEXN but nothing changes

Can you please help me to solve this ?