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Jun 13, 2012 at 11:48 AM

Status of Categorization Schema not changing to Active Mode is in Release Mode.


Hello All,

I have successfully created my schema in the webui server, under the schema I have created categories where my code, catalog, code group and subject code which I have created in my customization is appearing correctly, after assigning the subject profile to the schema in web ui and also after assigning the subject profile to the transaction type in Customization and assigning the transaction type to code group categories I am not able to view the categories in my service order. I have the following queries

1) I am thinking that the status should be active, however the system is showing only two status's which is Released and Draft in the Web Ui schema created. My status is in Release mode,Hence how does the schema change to active status?

2) Also what would be the standard subject profile which needs to be assigned to the transaction type SRVO

Kind Regards