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Dec 29, 2016 at 08:50 PM

Hub deployment, what if plant maintenance is not installed in the hub?


We have developed an embedded odata service using sap gateway. So we have the backend views, table types, rfcs etc. in one package. We call this the “Business suite” package. Then we have the entity sets, service implementation etc. in another package. We call this the “Gateway” package. This is all working fine. We have created transports of both of these packages. I think we are leaning towards “Hub Deployment with Development on the SAP Business Suite System”. When a customer tried to deploy the "Gateway" package in the hub it did not work because it referenced views and tables that were in the backend system. The hub system does not have sap plant maintenance installed - so it doesn't have the EQUI table etc. I am wondering how this should be deployed. Do we install both packages in the backend business suite system? Does anything get installed in the hub system? If not, how do we configure it? I know we need to create an RFC destination, and a system alias, and register a service, but I'm fuzzy on what system we do this in. Locally, I was able to use two systems and deploy both packages into both systems and get them connected with one acting as a hub, but this is probably an incorrect approach, especially if the hub system may not have plant maintenance installed. Is it wrong to ask a client to put the plant maintenace module into their hub system? Would that be an unusual request?