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Sales Order Condition Problem

Dear Sirs,

After a Sales Order has been created, under Item Condition, the "Net Value" should follow the Non-Tax amt "ZTAX" (i.e. 26,407.62) which should be added in customisation. The problem is that this Non-Tax amt was counted by 3 decimal places (i.e. 30896.91 / 1.17 = 26407.615 = 26407.62). How to change the settings so that this Non-Tax amt can be counted by 2 decimal places, and the Sum of Non-Tax amt and Tax amt "MWST" (i.e. 26407.62 * 17% = 4489.30) can match with the standard Condition Type "PR00" (i.e. 26,407.61 + 4489.30 = 30896.91), and finally the correct "Net Value" (i.e. 26,407.61) can be posted to accounting ?


KH Fong

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2 Answers

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    Jun 13, 2012 at 06:50 AM

    Go to V/06, select ZTAX condition type and execute. There you can see a field Rounding rule where you can define according to your requirement.

    G. Lakshmipathi

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    • Dear G. Lakshmipathi / experts,

      Your above suggestion works after setting Rounding Rule = "B - Round Down" for the tax Conditin Type "MWST". However, it is only worked if inputting decimal places (e.g. 10.255) for the Qty, e.g. $56 * 10.255 = $574.28 which can be matched for both "the Non-Tax amt "ZTAX" + Tax amt "MWST"" and "the standard Condition Type "PR00"".

      If I inputted Qty wothout decimal place (e.g. 10), the Sum of Non-Tax amt "ZTAX" and Tax amt "MWST" became 0.01 less than the amt of standard Condition Type "PR00", e.g. $56 * 10 = $560 for the standard Condition Type "PR00" but "the Non-Tax amt "ZTAX" + Tax amt "MWST" is $559.99.

      I had already tried to set Rounding Rule = "B - Round Down" for both Non-Tax amt "ZTAX" & standard Condition Type "PR00" but problem still could not be solved. Could you advise how to solve this problem ?


      KH Fong

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    Former Member
    Jun 22, 2012 at 08:34 PM

    Hi KH,

    I'm not sure if the problem is the rounding.

    I believe you can have a better calculation logic.

    Could you add a detail of how your pricing procedure is working for this 3 conditions?

    I understood the following, but I'm not sure if I got it right.

    PR00 30896.91

    ZTAX 26407.62 (calculated as 30896.91/1.17)

    MWST 4489.30 (calculated as 26407.62*0,17)

    My analysis: instead of calculating both conditions with percetanges, why don't you calculate one of them as the difference between the two previous values?

    Maybe it doesn't apply to your pricing procedure, let me know how you have this conditions calculation configured...

    Perhaps I can help you by proposing another alternative.



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    • Former Member Former Member


      To help you understand this suggestion, you can analyze the following standard SAP pricing procedure that uses a similar logic:

      RVAB01 - Tax Included in Price.

      It has the following configuration:

      010 PR01 - Price incl.Sales Tax


      400 Total

      410 MWSI - Output Tax --> % included, from 400.

      420 NETW - Value of Goods --> calculation type 25 (total minus tax)

      Hope it's useful.