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Jun 12, 2012 at 05:00 PM

Material Number search term looking for Description



I am surprised by the functionality I am observing in my system.

When I try to create a requsition using ME51N, I enter the material number (e.g. 12345), and if part number 12345 does not exist, it looks for the search string '12345' in MAKT table (description table) and pulls up a list of parts that have 12345 contained in the description, If there are multiple matches, it pops up a dropdown list and asks the user to pick one. If there is only one match, then it replaces the entered string with the material number automatically. If no match is found, it gives the message " Material Number not found". I would have excpected this message right from the get go if the material entered was not found in the database rather than searching for the string in the description of other part numbers. If the user does not pay attention then they may be requesting or procuring a wrong part". We are on SAP ECC 6.0 EPH4. Initially I thought this was due to the Enhanced Material Search function, but then later found out that functionality is deployed for MM transactions only from EPH5. Please let me know if you have observed this problem and how do I solve this problem.

I eagerly look forward to your response.



e.g. Material Number 12345 does not exist in system

Material Number ABCDE exists in the system with descript NUT BOLT 12345

When I enter 12345 in the requisition screen (ME51N), it finds for 12345 in the description table and since in this case it found a match, it replaces 12345 with ABCDE in the material field. This happens only if the initial entered material (i.e. 12345) is not found