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.Net server is not running.... sometimes

A few months ago I posted some questions stating I have been getting a ".Net Server is not running" error in the Portal trying to use the PDK. We still have not gotten it working (even with an OSS note), but I have a lot more details now. I'm going to write what I know and see if anything comes to anywone.

First... Portal is EP6 ss11 on a unix box. .Net is running on Windows 2k server sp4. We're running Patch 2 of PDK.

Second, and most importantly, the PDK iviews often work.

Here is the scenario (Internet Explorer v6 is being used where not otherwise specified).

We have 2 developers and a sysAdmin who the iviews do not work for (persons A,B, and C). There are about 6 others who have helped us test it and it works for all of them.

Dev A: Does not work on own machine. DOES work on own machine with Firefox. Does work on Dev B's machine. Does work on 3 other random machines.

Dev B: Does not work on own machine. DOES work on own machine with Firefox. Does work on Dev A's machine. Does work on 2 other random machines.

Dev C: Does not work on own machine. (all the testing that was done)

What on earth could cause the PDK to not work in the above scenarios that it does not work in??

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3 Answers

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    Jun 19, 2005 at 07:42 AM


    I am guessing that each of you uses it's own portal?

    If so, I am guessing that each uses it's own PDK.NET runtime instance?

    What kind of errors do you get?

    Are you able to see the "Hello World" tutorial in the documentation with either browser?

    What was different with the other 6 people for which it did work?

    Could you post the PDK.NET portal logs

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    • Former Member

      No, we are all browsing to the same PDK iview in the same portal. The iview I created just has the word Test on it so it's effectively Hello World.

      I will post the logs a bit later when we do some more testing.

      As far as what is different, that's the stumper. There is precious little different (we recently all got new computers in our department). Anything we've been able to identify as different, we've disproven as a cause. The biggest difference is that we have Visual Source Safe and Visual Studio .Net on the 3 people's machines that don't work. But we've disproven that as a factor because I (one of the people it doesn't work for) have logged into several other machines with those tools, and it works fine.

      I'm wondering if anyone knows, what does the portal pick up from my machine when I browse to it, that could be causing this problem? My machine should be largely independant of what the portal does with very few exceptions.

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    Jun 20, 2005 at 01:17 PM

    This is the error we get in the browser

    Portal Runtime Error

    An exception occurred while processing a request for :

    iView : pcd:portal_content/com.dowcorning.Dow_Corning_Development/com.dowcorning.Roles/com.dowcorning.DeveloperTesting/com.dowcorning.Development/com.dowcorning.pdk.PDKTesting/com.dowcorning.testpdk.TestPDK

    Component Name : PDK.PortalComponent1

    .NET server is not running.

    Exception id: 01:13_20/06/05_0022_101235650

    See the details for the exception ID in the log file

    There is nothing new in the portal log file, it says the same thing.

    (and, uh, I noticed my first post in this thread and my second post in this thread have two different post counts and registered dates... how did that happen?)

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    Jun 20, 2005 at 01:26 PM

    We figured it out. Geesh, took long enough.

    Our language in our browser was set to en-secureid. It appears that our remote connect software set the IE language to that. Changing the language to en-us fixed it and the PDK worked.

    While we are unsure why one earth the software changed our language to that, I also feel <b>that this is a bug in the PDK</b>. The PDK should be able to react to a language it doesn't understand.

    I feel a lot better knowing what the issue is, but what an odd issue! Thanks to everyone who has helped, in my other posts as well as this one.

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