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Jun 11, 2012 at 04:45 AM

CUP Password - Send password in link - Blank Page


Dear All,

We are faing a technical error in GRC & SAP is trying to fix this for more than a month now... Any help on this will be really great.

For a new user or password reset, CUP sends a link to user mail. This is as per configuration we need the password to be sent in link with display time as 300 Seconds. CUP does sends the password link.

When we click the link, CUP shows a blank IE page as password on top & two white lines. It does not show the password... I've attached the screenshot for your reference.

Is this due to any setting in java level ??? security settings??? CUP sends password which has special characters..

When we setup the option of send password in mail - CUP sends the password in mail - which means password is generated in backend, cup is able to pick up... but the error is only when we send the password as link & the link shows blank page.

This is urgent & any help will be really helpful.


Sudhakar S