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Jun 08, 2012 at 07:10 PM

SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection


The biggest drawback of Business Objects Product Suite, when used with SAP Product Suite, was the inability of BO Products to connect directly to the ECC System and the Business Content Extractors. The BO Universes and the generation of the metadata from BW Queries/Infocubes used to work just fine but performance was an issue with most of our dashboards, because of the Excel backend of Excelcius, which could not handle many rows and created a performance bottleneck. It used to feel as if BO and SAP BW are two different products (which in fact they are from two different companies with 2 disparate technological foundations)

That functionality is now provided using the Direct Extractor Connection. Has anyone worked on HANA extracting Data using ECC Business Content Extractors or extracting directly from SAP BW ? Do you have screenshots ? How reliable is it ? Can you trace down a single record from HANA DB to ECC ? Does that extraction also use the same LO Cokpit, with the V3 Updates and the queues in RSA7 ?

Also in my past BW Expecrience, when we wanted to prove BW data is 100% correct, I used to join ECC Tables using SQ01/02/03 queries. I have done it for Inventpry Management and Purchasing. I used to wonder, why do we have such a convoluted logic in the ABAP programs of the ECC Standard Extractors. If information is coming from a very neat set of tables with some filters and selections like "cancelled indicator"/STORNO, better to get the data directly into HANA, rather than take the convoluted ECC Business Content Extractors route. Same for COPA Data.

The way to go for corporates would probably be to migrate parts of their data models into HANA, maybe the ones which are very crucial for running the business and the data in which is Strategic/tactical in nature.... and as RAM gets cheaper compared to Hard Disk Space, move te entire BW investment to HANA.