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Jun 08, 2012 at 03:52 PM

PI 7.3 AEX Asynchronous Message Log Deletion.



We have installed PI 7.3 AEX instance, and configured message persistence as below.

1. XPI Adapter: XI (Parameters):

xiadapter.stage.conf : MS=3, VO=3

xiadapter.inbound.persistDuration.default: 1296000000 (15 Days)

xiadapter.outbound.persistDuration.default: 1296000000 (15 Days)

2. PI Background Processing "Default Delete Job" to run daily.

In Message Monitoring - Message Details , we are able to see aynch messages are persisted for 15 days (Persist Until value), but Message Log tab shows information for only messages which are 3 days old, and after upgrade to SPS 07 (performed yesterday), we lost Message Log information for all messages (only available for messages which are sent today).

Please suggest, which parameters are related for Message Log persistence.


Mukesh Kakani.