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Jun 08, 2012 at 10:56 AM

Shipment Output


Dear experts,

We are implementing the shipments functionality and we have some issues.

We have assigned a variant to our shipment type for the "Planning" status in order to print the shipment output (output type ALTR) when this status is set.

On transaction NACR we have created a condition record for the output type ALTR, with dispatch time 3 as is told in OSS note 740989 (we tested with dispatch mode 4 too). In the communication screen we have informed the printer (Print immediately indicator not set).

When we create the shipment and click on the "Planning" status the output is created and it appears as correctly processed, nevertheless is not getting printed and we can't see it on the spool.

If we go to transaction VT70 we must choose processing mode 2 Repeat Processing, if we process it from this transactions it does appear in the spool.

Has anybody faced this issue before? We do not understand why is not getting printed when we save the shipment.