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Silent install of BO 3.1 SP5

Hello there,

I am trying to perform silent install ( Server and Web) on W2K8 but setup.exe and msiexec.exe just keep running for more than 24 hours and I do not see any activity in not sure whats going on. I created the .ini file using the following command :

  1. setup.exe -w "c:\test.ini"

Once that is complete....I hist cancel just before the last step.

Then I performed the following :

  1. setup.exe -r "c:\test.ini" -l "c:\test.log" /qn+ CADNODE="NODE1"

Now once the install started...It created the install folders under BUsiness Objects folder and it started writing in the Default Log file ... instead of the log file path provided in the command line. Now ,setup has been in Taskmgr for 24 hours...anyone with idea on whats going on ?



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2 Answers

  • Jun 06, 2012 at 01:51 PM

    1. Whatis the log file says....

    2. in the start up , did u find any Business objects itemdisplayed...

    3. Check parallely, the tomcat port for the CMC application. 



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    • It's difficult to say based on the log fragment you posted.

      Can you zip up the full install log and your ini response file and upload it to the link I provide below?

      Can you post your exact system information? (cpu, memory, harddisk space)

      Did you check to see how much resources are left on the host after the install appears to hang?

      Have you checked task manager to see if the installer is still processing anything after it appears to get hung?

      Have you tried running process monitor to see if the installer is still accessing files or regkeys?

      Can you confirm, if you run the silent install twice or three times does it get stuck exactly in the same spot each time?


      Toby Johnston

      SAP America, Inc.

  • Oct 08, 2012 at 05:38 PM

    XI3.1SP5  Are you installing it as a patch to SP3 or the full install w/ SP5?

    I have done both and manually and have noticed long install times.  Here is what I discovered.

    In my installations, I backed out the SP3 install because we found that there were performance issues with doing it as an add-on.  Primarily because some of the coding for Tomcat 5.5.33 is there and the system doesn't update the Tomcat from 5.5.20 to 33.  The uninstalls with 6 languages took over 6 hours.  The registry doesn't get cleaned up as many registry entries from the previous install will remain and regardless of what you select during the install, the registry entries were taking precedence.

    We were not reseting the database for obvious reasons during this upgrade.  Once we uninstalled and manually cleaned the registry of all BusinessObjects 12.0 and Apache entries, we reinstalled the Full SP5 load to get everything updated correctly.  (ran into the same problems years ago with the XIr2 when going to SP2)

    The install for SP5 Full takes about 4 hours with 6 language packs.  We found that there is a bug, even on clean installs on new machines, that regardless of your setting the CMS port to 6400, that the install code is taking the SIA port and applying it to the CMS, so you have a port conflict and it will hang at the verifying CMS running step in the install.  This does timeout and continue on it's own, but takes forever.

    You will have to wait until the install is complete and re-create\generate the SIA from CCM to reset the port properly.  Trying to just stop the SIA and manually change the port doesn't work for some reason.  These were the work arounds we had to do.  I planned on logging an SAP ticket on that this week, as we are still rebuilding servers to get it updated correctly.

    But we have noticed that one of the SP5 bugs still remains and is difficult to nail down.  About every 90 days or so of continuous OS operation(SIA is restarted every night with backups) Tomcat becomes unresponsive and a restart shows that the STDOut and STDERR logs are recording that the startup is hanging at Initializing Performance Management, even though we didn't install PM.  It has something to do with Tomcats interconnectivity to the other servers in the distributed installation, as restarting the Tomcat service or reboot (warm boot) of the Windows server doesn't resolve it. But a full system shutdown of all servers, and bringing them up in sequence from a cold start does seem to rectify the issue for the next 90+ days.

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