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Jun 06, 2012 at 08:01 AM

Custom login module creation


Hi Experts,

I have followed the following link and built a custom login module class.

I have followed all the steps mentioned like implemented the login module code, compiled and exported this class as a JAR, created a library project, made a reference to the Security Provider of the J2EE Engine, Set classpath to the JAR, built the SDA file and deployed the login module to the J2EE Engine. I have then configured the login module usage, added a reference to the Security Provider service classloader and configured the application to use the login module.

Following this, I am calling the portal URL with the parameter user_name=<username> appended to it, as the login module class extracts thet username from this request parameter passed in the URL. The URL that I call is of the format http://<hostname>:<portnumber>/irj/portal?user_name=<username>

But when I call this URL, the authentication doesn't seem to succeed and the user is not logged in.

Can anyone help me in finding out where I may be going wrong or missing out on something?