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Jun 06, 2012 at 06:41 AM

Not able to transfer Material documents to GTS 10.0


Hello Experts,

So far I have been able to transfer Sales Order, Delivery, Invoice & Purchase Order to GTS 10.0 w/o any problem by activating the document transfer BADI's in ECC. For some reason though, I am not able to transfer the material documents that get generated as a result of movements using transaction MB11.

Although, I am trying to do one of the movements from the pre-delivered movement types in Config., it does not transfer the document over to GTS.

With the help of ABAPer, upon debugging the Initial transfer program for Material document transfer that gets run through /SAPSLL/MENU_LEGALR3, I found that SAP has hard-coded to transfer only document types that are <> 'WA' - Transfer postings.

Unfortunately most of the movement types that are listed in the standard config or even the receipt movements I am intending to do by default picks the Tran/Event type as 'WA' while doing material movements from one plant to another.

Any idea on how I can make the Material movements get transferred over to GTS?