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Jun 06, 2012 at 06:08 AM

Unable to connect to your running AWS HANA DB? Read this...


Dear HANA Developer Community,

some of you have reported issues with connecting to your HANA DB from HANA Studio, even though you followed the steps outlines in How to create a SAP HANA Developer Edition in the cloud. Well, guess what - I just ran into the same issue for the first time. We are investigating the root cause, but what helped me:

  • logon to the OS of your HANA box (ssh / puTTY as described in Part 5 of the getting started document)
  • switch to user hdbadm
    su - hdbadm
  • stop and re-start the database
    startsap or
    ./HDB stop
    ./HDB start

After those steps, my HANA Studio was able to connect again

cheers and have fun with HANA