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Jun 04, 2012 at 05:49 AM

Outgoing Payment Error (No matching records found 'Checks for payment' (OCHO) (ODBC - 2028)


Hi all.

We encountered this error message "No matching records found 'Checks for Payment' (OCHO) (ODBC - 2028) [Message 131 - 183]" on Outgoing Payments > Document Printing - Selection Criteria. Previously, it was working fine and it just happen all of a sudden. I have go through some of the same posting in this forum but it seems can't solve my problem yet.

The error message will pop out when we try to click OK after we have selected the Checks for Payment, To Be Printed and entered the Bank account details.

All the experts out there kindly guide me on the above issue.




Outgoing Pymnt.JPG (140.0 kB)