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Jun 03, 2012 at 05:50 AM

Timeout with sapstartsrv


Hi to all:

We have SRM 7.0 Dual Stack Installation. We have to migrato from Oracle 10 to 11G, so we have to replace kernel 701 with 720. This includes install the SAPHOSTAGENT.

After doing all the prerequisites, and DB migration successful, we tried to start the APP,the Java instance starts ok, but not with ABAP instance:


Checking SRQ Database

Database is running


Starting Startup Agent sapstartsrv


Instance Service on host prod41db started


starting SAP Instance SCS02

Startup-Log is written to /home/srqadm/startsap_SCS02.log


/usr/sap/SRQ/SCS02/exe/sapcontrol -prot NI_HTTP -nr 02 -function Start

Instance on host prod41db started

Starting Startup Agent sapstartsrv

FAIL: Timeout

Startup of Instance Service failed

See /home/srqadm/startsap_DVEBMGS01.log for details


We infer that this is related to the Monitor Agent, but we cannot obtain any other log related to that. We don't know why is getting timeout only in ABAP (as you can see, the Java Agent starts fine)

Does anyone has this same situation? Thanks for the help