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Jun 01, 2012 at 07:47 PM

BODS 3.2 Outer Join causing a Cartesian Join


I have two input schemas in my Query_Join transform: one is named "PCU_LT_CM_PCC_MSNG_RCRDS" which is a source table of 8,014 records (no BODS field marked as primary key), and the other is named "SQL" which is a SQL transform of 467,078 records (BODS field SQL.PCCID marked as primary key). The Query_Join transform has the OUTER JOIN tab with Outer source = PCU_LT_CM_PCC_MSNG_RCRDS and Inner source = SQL, and the WHERE tab with "SQL.PCCID = PCU_LT_CM_PCC_MSNG_RCRDS.SRC_SYS_RCRD_ID_VAL" (SQL.PCCID is primary key and thus a unique value; PCU_LT_CM_PCC_MSNG_RCRDS.SRC_SYS_RCRD_ID_VAL is a non-unique value).

For some reason, it's performing a Cartesian join instead of an outer join. I've tried numerous ideas but I cannot get it to work. Any suggestions?



Cartesian Join.gif (10.3 kB)