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SAPR/3-Which table stores PositionID-Roles, to check the expired position id Roles?

Hi All.

Good morning hello and wishes.

We have a request wherein roles based on EXPIRED Position IDs have to be checked. And assigned to new position ids for the same employee.

If we are to look at PO13 - we could check this for position ID.

BUT PO13 does not allow you to copy the roles directly like we could do in SUIM on search of roles by user id.

In PO13 we have to manually check,Control Y and copy the roles and save it elsewhere. Yes, we could do it BUT it is time consuming.

And we have seen that at times there are some human errors in doing this.

I checked the HRP1001 table, with position id, but i observe that all the roles seen in SU01/PO13 of the USER

is not fully seen in this table. Some roles are seen missing WHEN  i compare results with SUIM Search roles/Any CURRENT user id, result with HRP1001

enter the position number in OBJID

enter 'AG' in sclas

end date :


Can anyone advise which table would store all the Roles which have been assigned to any user at any point in time based on position id ?

Reason being : we get requests from customers : for a whole set of employees on contract whose contracts are renewed periodically.

But this process of renewal does not seem to take place before expiry of roles/position ids.

So periodically we hear from customers to check for old position ids - roles, and assign them to the new position ids FOR the same employee.

This process is becoming tedious in copying the roles from PO13 manually.

And looking at various tables which stores these values does not really seem to help.

Because i see some discrepancy.

Hence this request to understand so that work becomes easier.

Many Thanks


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    Jun 04, 2012 at 07:59 AM

    Hi Indu,

    Try table AGR_USERS. I suspect the reason behind different output of HRP1001 and SUIM is directly assigned roles to users. Table AGR_USERS should cover for that too.

    P.S : Table entries with  ORG_FLAG (Flag: Assignment Comes From HR Organization Management)= 'X' are the role assigned to user's position ID.



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    • Hi. Sandipan.

      Nice to hear from you. thanks for your response.

      Actually there was some other issue.  And i sorted it out.

      the holders which we see on PO13 were not there.

      since users position ids expired.

      So direct sych up job assignment roles were not coming directly to users.

      HRP 1001 did help.

      Finally i copied from xls sheet and did a vlook up and uploaded all roles in one shot of all the whole list of users, thro a batch job. Which ran for a short while. And then manually running PFUD. Helped. And i had to do mass change of users on SU10 and unlock all of them.  So i sort of somehow sorted it out immediately. Because all users at customers end, were unable to access the system.

      ORG_FLAG - i will check this.

      Just a doubt :

      I have heard people say SU10 Mass changes like setting up passwords for say 2000 users.

      such things do not get effected. Is that true. I have not tested as yet.

      May be i will check it tomorrow on a test server.