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Jun 01, 2012 at 12:47 PM

Deferred tax transfer with WHT in downpayment



We are transferring tax from interim to final through program RFUMSV50 and it is working fine except below scenario.

1. Down payment with withholding tax - F-48

2. Invoice with withholding tax and interim service tax codes- FB60

3. DP clearing - F-54 (here deducted WHT in step 1 will be posted back)

4. Final payment - F-53

5. Execute program RFUMSV50 to transfer the amount from interim to final.

Problem : In step 5 it is transferring/creating wrong amounts in final accounts but total amount is correct. This is only happening if we have a WHT in downpayment.

I have checked SAP notes 921634 all config is correct.

Can anyone pls let me know a solution for this.