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Reg hcm process and forms

Hi to all

I am working on hcm process and forms

i have two 3 push buttons in my interactive form.

pushbutton1 : when clicks on push button form should go to hradmin

Pushbutton2 hradming edits the form the it should go to manager for approval

Pushbutton3 when manager clicks on push button 3  here i want to check payroll is locked or not and i want do some validation her

i wrote code in do_operations method of badi hrasr00gen_service_basic

but when i kept break point in the method do_operation it is not triggering .

advice experts


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1 Answer

  • Jun 01, 2012 at 02:46 PM

    I am not sure what you are doing. It sounds like you have 3 buttons on your form and are trying to do all your routing from there, correct? I don't think you are fully getting how HCM P&F works.

    For #1, you should have your workflow for you process route to the next agent (HR Admin) after the user submits (edit->chec&send0->send) the form.

    For #2, once the HR Admin gets the form via workflow with a standard "Process Form" task assigned to it, it should do the SAME as #1.

    For #3, you should have your HCM P&F config set up so your generic service is part of your config. If you want it to "fire" when the form first comes up, you need code in your "INITIALIZE" method of your generic service. If you want it to "fire" during the "check and send", then your code should be in "DO_OPERATIONS".

    Now, if you want to use the same form for all 3 above, you can. I would just have your "steps" split out in their own Form Scenarios. In that way, you have more control over data sharing and how the backend services are called. If you need/want to combine them all into one Form Scenario, then you can use form fields in "rules" to control how/when your backend generic services get called. Also, in your form itself, you can use the value of the reserved field "form_scenario_stage" (make sure you define it in your form fields) to control via script (FormCalc or Javascript) how things are shown/hidden/available/etc on your form.

    Lastly, reading your comment "i wrote code in do_operations method of badi hrasr00gen_service_basic", I am hoping you mean that you wrote code in your OWN implementation of the BAdI.....making sure you set your "filter ID" to the ID of your generic service.

    There are a LOT of moving parts in HCM P&F...learning them all and how they relate, takes some time. The best place to start is working through the "Relocation" process tutorial that SAP provides in their documentatin for HCM P&F.

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    • Former Member Former Member

      I'm wondering how you check is your do_operation working.

      Try this.

      1. Put in your BREAK-POINT in do_operation methods.

      2. Open t-code HRASR_TEST_PROCESS

      Key in application, process, pernr, role of initiator and execute it.

      in next screen, hit on "check" button

      You should able to break into DO_OPERATION method.

      If you want to break into your DO_OPERATION code from ESS/MSS, you need to use external breakpoint.

      Menu utilities > external breakpoints > activate /deactivate.

      To make sure you are on the right track.

      can you please list me:

      1. your operation name

      2. service fields under this operation

      3. have you add these service fields in form scenario

      Thanks. Hope this helps.


      Xiang Li