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Jun 01, 2012 at 04:25 AM

Understanding of day's supply, 1st RDS and 2nd RDS


Hello Experts,

I am little bit confused that how system calculates the days supply and 1st days supply and 2nd day. For example on my material as follows:

I have no stocks for material X, and today is ,01.06.2012 and then I have put PIR in MD61 as 100 on 11.06.2012. Now when I see this material in MD07 then I can see that my Stck DS, 1st RDS and 2nd RDS all are same as 6. How this come from and how system calculated this as a green light although there is no stock at all on todays' date.

I have taken the simple example so that I can understand this but here also im confused.:)

Please explain.


Deepak Sharma