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May 31, 2012 at 10:46 PM

Setting SAP Authentication in BI LaunchPad


I am following this SAP doc to configure SAP Authentication in the BO CMC, but the SAP authentication type is not available in the BI Launchpad and the mentioned file,, is not on our system

BI4 FP2 SP16.

The document is for FP3. I cannot find admin doc for FP2. How do I display SAP authentication in BI Launchpad To verify that roles and users were imported correctly

1. Ensure that you know the user name and password of an SAP user who belongs to one of the roles

that you just mapped to BI platform.

2. For Java BI launch pad, go to http://webserver:portnumber/BOE/BI.

Replace webserver with the name of the web server and portnumber with the port number that

is set up for BI platform. You may need to ask your administrator for the name of the web server,

the port number, or the exact URL to enter.

3. In the Authentication Type list, select SAP.


By default, the Authentication Type list is hidden in BI launch pad. The administrator must enable

it in the file and restart the web application server.

4. Enter the SAP system and the system client to log on to.

5. Enter the user name and the password of a mapped user.

6. Click Log On.

You are logged on to BI launch pad as the selected user.

Sincere thanks for any help

Lee Lewis

Summit Electric Supply