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May 31, 2012 at 10:13 AM

Process Order Lock Problem


I am using BAPI_PROCORDCONF_CREATE_TE to confirm the operation/phase of process order. Then I do BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT and Wait = X

as well.

Once confirmed Then I am using BAPI_PROCORD_SETUSERSTATUS to set the user status to next opeartion.



status_profile = lw_stsma

status = lw_stand


orders = li_aufnr

detail_return = li_detail_return.

I am not using parameter work_process_group for above BAPI as we do not have server group COWORK_BAPI set up and I do not want parallel processing.

When I do so I am getting message "Order is locked". When I check in debug it works. I also tried putting commit work and wait before calling set user status BAPI as written in documentation of BAPI. but no luck. When I put wait upto 20 seconds before calling BAPI it works but is is not the solution.

What is causing Order to get locked? becuse of this it is behaving randomly some times works some times not.