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Jun 14, 2005 at 04:23 PM

Editable ALV Grid + onF4 event + Data_Changed event



I am using an editable ALV grid where I allow 2 fields to be filled with values - I registered the events 'onF4' and 'Data_Changed' and handle both events -

The problem is that apparently when a field gets an F4 event that the 'data changed' event is not being triggered anymore ... meaning that my program does not know that data has been changed when a user uses F4 to do the data selection. When I enter a value manually then the change event works fine ...

Is this the standard behaviour, a bug on release 4.6D or a programming flaw on my count ?

I can add code at the F4 handler that checks for any changes and deal with it but that would duplicate code ...

Anyone any thoughts on this ?