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May 31, 2012 at 01:54 AM

Export/Import to Memory ID issue


Hi All

I am trying to pass some select options between programs. I am doing this using internal tables and EXPORT to memory ID/ IMPORT from memory ID. Is this the correct way to do this?

This is my code... The code works for VKORG VTWEG and SPART. For some reason however I tried to add a new field today and I don't see any data from my Import statement even though SY-SUBRC = 0?

* Allow multiple lines to be passed to ZRR01

EXPORT s_spart_r FROM s_spart_r[] TO MEMORY ID 'SPART1'.

EXPORT s_vkorg_r FROM s_vkorg_r[] TO MEMORY ID 'VKORG1'.

EXPORT s_vtweg_r FROM s_vtweg_r[] TO MEMORY ID 'VTWEG1'.

EXPORT s_kunnr_r FROM s_kunnr_r[] TO MEMORY ID 'KUNNR1'.

* ISR059895 - Also add Z3 Date

EXPORT s_qmdat_r FROM s_qmdat_r[] TO MEMORY ID 'Z3DAT1'.

*------End of Addition

* Retrieve Date range from ZRR02


IF s_qmdat_r[] IS NOT INITIAL.


  • I have checked that in both programs that the S_QMDAT_R has the same structure as the other working ones.
  • My internal table had data in it at the point of EXPORT
  • SY-SUBRC 0 for both statements