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May 30, 2012 at 04:04 PM

mandate and maneger company codes



I'm looking on info on how the object mandate and manager company functionality works and see whether it can be used to solve my issue on my project.

The SAP doc info is rather limited. Can you help please?

I have to do the real estate administration and accounting of 35 companies in SAP

- 35 companies (=landlord company) own each 1 building and charges rent (via RERAPP) and real estate taxes (via RESCSE) to the tenants.

- 1 company code (=service company) which does not own any building but receives the service charges invoices for the 35 landlord buildings. These invoices adressed to the service compnay code and posted as vendor invoices in this service company code. They are re-invoiced to the tenant (via RESCSE) or to the landlord (in case of vacancy)

How does my company codes have to be configured so

- I dont't have to create the landlord rental objects twice

- I can link the landlord rental objects belonging to a 'service charge settlement' contract in the 1 service company

- I can post the vendor invoices in the service company to a settlement unit which contains the landlords rental objects.

thx very much for helping