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May 30, 2012 at 03:38 PM

Data Services 4.0 PageCache Using All Linux Disk Space


Hello - I am new to Data Services server administration and I had some questions concerning PageCache. I am finding that now that we are in the data migration preparation stage of a SAP implementation project that developers are running data flows that are using all available disk space on the Job Server Linux host.

This morning I found that one work flow process was using 35GB of disk space in the PageCache directory. This directory is on the same disk where the job server log directory is located. When all of the space on the drive is used up the Job Server stops.

I currently have a request in to add another 25GB to this disk drive. My fear now is that the developer jobs will then run longer and use this space up as well.

Are there recommendations that I can provide for the developers to help to stop this from happening? Is there something I can do as the administrator of the job server host to stop this from happening?

The Data Services job server is configured as follows:

OS - Red Hat 5.6

CPU - 2 Intel Dual Core 2.40GHz

Installed RAM -12GB

Disk Space designated for DS - 75GB

Any recommendation will be greatly appreciated.