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May 30, 2012 at 09:39 AM



Dear Experts,

I have a report program in which when d'clicked on Functional Location cell the value is passed to sel/screen of another program. This is working.

But I am facing a problem: When the Functional Location label exceeds 30 characters this is not working.

Reason is identified, i.e., TPLNR (Functional Location code, not used in ALV) selection field of calling program, is only 30 character long. But its label STRNO (used in ALV) is of 40 character long.

The selection screen field where the value is passed is TPLNR where value is passed upto only 30 characters and executes if the value is within this.

If I take Fucntional Location code into the ALV it is working perfectly. On clicking on the code the 40character F/Locn value successfully passing to the selection screen (TPLNR).

I'm sure many of you might have experience this.

In the code I am using IFL as Parameter ID (TPLNR), whereas STRNO does not have a PID

Kindly suggest a solution.


Jogeswara Rao