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Former Member
May 30, 2012 at 06:19 AM

Absence Deduction Rule - Deduction Sequence not working



Here is a scenario:

There is an absence type say "Late in Early out". When I enter absence duration say 5 through 2001 infotype, system should deduct from quotas in the following order

1. Quota1: Say casual leave [paid absence] Absence Code - 0003. This has a validity period for one year [generally current year].

2. If quota 1 is exhausted, then from quota2 say earned leave [paid absence] Absence code 0001. This has unlimited validity period and keeps getting accumulated.

3. if that too is exhausted, from quota 3 say loss of pay [unpaid absence]. we have set the required valuation rule group and factoring to be taken care in payroll. 0015

I am not able to implement the sequence using the deduction rule, have gone through scn, notes and books.

Getting the message: "Not enough quota..........". Ideally, when quota 1 gets exhausted, it should reach quota2. Am i missing any setting?

Your advice will be most welcome.