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Jun 14, 2005 at 11:17 AM

Drag & relate between 2 Transaction iViews


I created two SAP transaction iViews; one for DRCONN (main object: DRSPFLI) and the other for DRAIRPORT (main object: DRAIRPORT). Added the second iview as the target iview of the first. When I drag and drop the airport id into the target iview, the result is Page cannot be displayed.

I have the following questions:

Do I have to manualy create a relation between the business objects DRSPFLI and DRAIRPORT ? or is the relation automatically retrived from the R/3 system by the metadata loader ?

In the Drag and Relate property category of System(for the R/3) do I have to enter the Drag and Relate host name ?

I did the required settings on the backend R/3 system, expect that I haven't followed the logical system naming convention. Is that a problem ? Cannot change it to the required naming convention as it is being used

Is Drag and Relate between two transaction iViews possible in EP 6.0 SP9?

I hope am clear.

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