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May 29, 2012 at 07:17 AM

Updating DBSTATC



As part of SAP's oracle performance optimization report, we implemented the scripts dbstatc10.sql attached to the note 403704 ; Maintained customer specific settings and implemented the script statistics.txt attached to the note 1020260. I ran brconnect to gather statistics (brconnect -u / -c -f stats -t ALL). I checked the LAST_ANALYZED field of the table dba_tables to determine when table statistics were collected for a table defined in DBSTATC with the Active flag set to 'A'. Surprisingly, the LAST_ANALYZED field of dba_tables did not return the date stamp of the recent brconnect run. I tested for a single table using DB21 and saw that the LAST_ANALYZED field was updated. brconnect documentation states that it picks the tables in DBSTATC whose Active flag is set to A. Any reasons why LAST_ANALYZED was not updated by brconnect?😕. Thanks for your time.

brconnect version: 7.00(52)