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Jun 14, 2005 at 09:15 AM

Master data planning in BI


Master Data Planning

BPS development team @ SAP is aware of the fact that a lot of our customers want to do ‘master data planning’ and many of them realize this by e.g. writing their own BSP application. Right now BPS is focused on key figure based planning and we are currently investigating the different requirements of master data planning. So, why not using this thread to start a discussion about master data planning to collect some of your ideas!

What do we mean by ‘master data planning’? In BPS key figures (such as amounts or quantities) are changed and stored in a record in an InfoCube. The keys of this data records consist of characteristic values.

A master data planning creates new master data values (with texts and attributes) or changes existing master data records. Also changing hierarchies for simulating organizational changes might be regarded as a part of master data planning.

Here are some questions about master data planning that might help to start a discussion:

1. Should a master data be integrated directly into a key figure planning – i.e. the user can enter new master data in the same layout that is used for key figure planning and the new master data can be used right away?

2. Do you/your customer prefer a more decoupled approach where new master data is first created, then needs to be approved by someone else, and then can be used for planning?

3. Is it necessary to have a versioning concept for master data?

4. Should the new master data be visible for all planners in the company or should it be ‘local’?

5. How is the relationship between new master data created in the BI system and the master data in the ERP system? Should the new master data be retracted to the ERP system? What should happen if master data is uploaded from the ERP system and there is a collision between the uploaded and the planned master data?

Your feedback is appreciated!

Thank you very much,

BPS development team