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Jun 14, 2005 at 08:48 AM

XMLForm problem with XSL Stylesheet


Hello all,

I've been asked to have a look at a problem that a friend is having with XMLForms. They have recently upgraded to NW04 SP11 (from NW04 SP9) and now they cannot 'Create New' for each of the XML forms that they based on 'SAP Demo News'. They also cannot create new 'SAP Demo News'.

In each of their *Edit.xsl forms there is the line

<xsl:include href="wcm://etc/xmlforms/htmledit/htmledit.xsl" />

When they try to 'Create New' for any of these forms they get the following error

Could not load
Could not resolve: 'wcm://etc/xmlforms/htmledit/htmledit.xsl'
base: '/etc/xmlforms/Company_General/Company_GeneralEdit.xsl'
-> javax.xml.transform.TransformerException:
Error downloading from URL: wcm://etc/xmlforms/htmledit/htmledit.xsl,
No user in context

that is just the first line but I believe that it is the important line. The portal seems to be unable to access 'htmledit.xsl' and perhaps because there is no user in context.

Has anyone come across this or know of a solution?

Thanks in advance,



I see that this is directly related to having a HTML Editor on the form. When I remove that component the form works, when I re-add that component it all falls over again.

Any ideas?