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May 28, 2012 at 02:24 PM

BRF Tables


Hi i was going through some brf db tables.I was confused to see the following tables





All have the same description-FDT: Action - Static method call.They have the same fields also.Why are these tables used i mean same fields in all these 4 tables.?

If they as used to store different types of same data(may be customizing in one and application in another) then there must be some way to know where an action object is stored(which one of the tables?)

And there is a table FDT_ACTN_1106 where exceptions are stored.I have a scenario where i have to show all the parameters and exceptions of a BRF function.

But i found only ignored exceptions here and not the exceptions which are propagatable.One way to find the progatabtable exceptions is to get all the exceptions of the FM listed as BRF call and substract it from the entries in FDT_ACTN_1106.But i doubt its not advice as there must be a table where actually BRF stores the raisable exceptions.Am i missing something here?

FDT_ACTN_1107 says FDT: Action - Static method Exceptions in its description but i could not find any exceptions there.

FDT_ACTN_1110 stores Parameters as it description says but i could not get entries in to this table from BRF workbench i created 5-6 parameters but none of them didnt get into FDT_ACTN_1110.I found them in FDT_ACTN_1107 instead.ok if FDT_ACTN_1107 stores parameters then what does FDT_ACTN_1110.When are entries filled in to it?

These questions galore in my mind as i was designing the HTML- display of BRF rule set defined in BRF workbench in a GUI application.Can you help me with this?and can i find more information about the tables and what they store?


Dushyanth Reddy