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May 25, 2012 at 04:02 PM

Refresh Issue with the ALV


I am working with SAP supplied "Event Management" application (/saptrx/em_wd_ui). When users choose a record to update, a popup opens with the timestamp details. By clicking on the 'Send' button, status gets upadted in the backend. But this won't refresh the underlying ALV table. There is an 'Apply' button which needs to be clicked to refresh the ALV table.

There is a new requirement to refresh the ALV table when ever the user cilcks the 'Send' button from the popup.Component which contains the ALV table is <


>. Added this component inside componentcontroller. Using code wizard generated the following code <


lo_interfacecontroller TYPE REF TO

iwci_salv_wd_table .
lo_interfacecontroller = wd_this->WD_CPIFC_EM_LIST_ALV_USAGE( ).
lo_interfacecontroller->refresh( ).

> While trying to activate getting the following message.
< The result type of functional method cannot be converted to lo_interface controller >

Saw some earlier threads on this issue. ALV table is there in the compcontroller as well as in the view I am trying to add the code. What could be the issue?